App Hub is broken : can't upload new app version

I can’t upload a new version of dhis2-taskr
the “required” channel stay empty.

Hi @Stephan_Mestach, thanks for pointing out this issue. We’ve identified the cause and have a fix in work - it should be live tomorrow, I will update this topic when it’s fixed!

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looks fixed, thanks !

This has been fixed in the latest version of the App Hub, let us know if you run into any additional issue!

Currently the hub account is linked to me.
My colleagues can’t release the app without me.

Any chance to have a sharing feature or a way to automate the upload ?

Hi @Stephan_Mestach - organization management should be released very shortly, probably within a week (thanks @birkbjo!). We will also be adding the ability to perform automated publication from App Platform apps with API token authentication, that feature will likely be released in November.

If you have specific questions or concerns, please create a new Community thread or open an issue in the HUB project on Jira, as the issue in this thread has already been marked as ‘resolved’.