App Development

Hey Developers!


I am currently working on DHIS2 application but I have accoutered an error while testing / running the app. I have upgraded node version from v16 to v18 and everything on app turned blank.
I tried many option to solve this like downgrading the version again from that on I installed to the one that was working before but It kept bringing back the same error.

It even failed to reach at this level:

Since the upgrade I started to get this error in Browser Console:

And it kept giving this message of 2 version of @dhis2/app-runtime and two version of react in the console of Visual Studio Code:

Any help on this please?

Hi @digiraneza

The errors say that you have multiple versions in your yarn file. I suggest deleting the yarn.lock and then try to yarn run again. :slight_smile:

Hope it works!