[ App competition ] DHIS2 metadata explorer app

I am Joseph Chingalo, the Lead Developer at HISP Tanzania. I have been engaged with DHIS 2 development of customs apps (Web & Mobile) and implementation of DHIS 2 on different projects since July 2015.

What is about the idea?

Through the usage of DHIS2 API, a person with development skills can be able to explore DHIS2 metadata with their related metadata but is usually difficult for non-developer personnel to achieve this. For instance, Data set in relation to its metadata like data elements and aggregated indicators assigned to a specific data set.

The major goal for this DHIS2 metadata dictionary app is to power end-users including the non-technical end-user capability to explore these metadata with all related metadata without the need to have skills in exploring DHIS2 API.

What is advantage or usage?

  • Ability to log in and sync metadata on a given DHIS2 instance
  • GUI with the ability to explore metadata with related metadata resources

Resources and references
Link to source codes here
Link to releases of mobile APKs here

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