API to get data values from datasets not working

Hi all.

I am trying to pull data values from a dataset in xls format that include data element ID, data element name, data element Value and attribute Option Combo, but the API code is not.

Below the API code I am currently using on demo:



Hey @hernandezmachava,

You can download the data in CSV format, which you can then open with excel. Your call would look something like this: /api/29/dataValueSets.csv?dataSet=eZDhcZi6FLP&period=202101&orgUnit=DiszpKrYNg8


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Hi @Gintare,

  1. The API is working and I have managed to downloaded data in csv format, but it is showing codes for data elements, category an attribute option combos; not names. What Can I do to show names and not codes?

  2. I’d also love to if I’m not disturbing you to know how I can query for Tracked Entity attributes (name, age, gender, etc) and data elements of a specific program stage or program in the same request.


@hernandezmachava ,

For the first question, you can try the following query params: dataElementIdScheme and attributeIdScheme in addition to the ones you already use. Eg: /api/29/dataValueSets.csv?dataSet=eZDhcZi6FLP&period=202101&orgUnit=DiszpKrYNg8&dataElementIdScheme=name&attributeIdScheme=name. You can find more idSchemes here.

Could you please provide more information about your use case in second question?


Hi @Gintare,

For my second question:

I have a tracker capture structed as below:

Personal details (tracked entity attributes)
Name, age, gender, etc

Program stage 1

DE1, DE2, DE3 ,

Program stage 2

DEa, DEb, DEc, etc

What I want is a nested API to query all the tracked entity attributes together with data elements DE1, DE2, DE3 belonging to program stage 1. Also I want an API that query entity attributes and data from both program stages (program stages 1 and 2)


Hey @hernandezmachava,

I’m not sure if you want to get the metadata or the data, so I’ll answer for both.

You can approach it from different directions: you can use /programs endpoint, or /programStages endpoint. Example query: /api/programStages/A03MvHHogjR?fields=programStageDataElements,program[programTrackedEntityAttributes,trackedEntityType[trackedEntityTypeAttributes]]

You should probably use /trackedEntityInstances endpoint, since you need both event data values and tracked entity instance attributes. There is no easy way to filter by program stage though.

API call: /api/trackedEntityInstances?fields=trackedEntityInstance,attributes,enrollments[events[dataValues]] or just fileds=*. See the docs for more query params.