API results not reflecting authorized users organization groups

After authorizing API access with a given user (using Sierra Leone demo data) who only belongs to one Organization Unit I’m able to see ALL Data Sets (even though the data set is assigned to ONLY Bonthe and the user is ONLY assigned to Bombali).

Is this expected behaviour? Surely if the authorized user only has access to Bombali data sets the API should only show Bombali data sets and not ALL data sets in the application.


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Hi @josh_welford,

Sorry for the delay on getting back to you on this. Thank you so much for raising this issue and welcome to the DHIS2 community!

I have reached out to the @dhis2-backend team and hope that they will be able to help you out very soon.

In the meanwhile, could you let us know which version of DHIS2 you are experiencing this issue?

Best regards,