/api/potentialDuplicates can't get any results

how to do to make the duplication out? I have added many duplicate events. but the api got no records.

Hey may I ask how are you creating the potentialDuplicates? What is the PUT request?

I see from this Jira issue is that it is possible to list them but you’ll have to make sure that the creation is correct. (DHIS2-5766 | Deduplication: User can mark TEI as potential duplicate)


I haven’t do some action to make duplication , but just register same event repeatedly, it’s can create duplicate record?

Hey @linxd,
Thank you for your patience! I see what you mean, so for any event TEI that you suspect is a “duplicate,” you’ll have to "mark it as a potential duplicate as mentioned in this doc: flagging-tracked-entity-instance-as-potential-duplicate | DHIS2 Docs

After marking TEIs as potential duplicates, you will find them all listed in this API URL (/api/potentialDuplicates). For example, https://play.dhis2.org/2.36.3/api/potentialDuplicates

Yes, thanks @Gintare for the correction!

To add to what @Gassim said - you can only flag TEIs as duplicates for now, not events. Perhaps you could raise a feature request for event support in deduplication! :slight_smile:

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