API call threw SSLException

After setting up ssl certificate and making my connection to dhis htttps, I become unable to connect and authenticate from Dhis2 capture mobile app, it just say API call threw SSLException, any help would be appreciated.

Hello Raphael,

I was having the same issue using Letsencrypt certificates and Nginx as a reverse proxy to enable ssl. In my case, I was using the cert.pem file generated by CertBot (Letsencrypt’s generation software) instead of the fullchain.pem file in the nginx.conf file. Here:


Once I replace that line for something like this:

ssl_certificate fullchain.pem;

The problem was solved.


Hi @Sergio_Valenzuela Thank you for your suggestion, I’ve replaced the line with this
ssl_certificate ssl-bundle.crt
and the problem has been resolved.