Any DHIS2 Apps to alert Health workers by Care receiver

Dhis Experts,

Is there any DHIS2 Android Apps for patients? The patients/care receiver can fill up their details and alert the health workers about their visit with details. Thereby, it will reduce the workload and time of health workers since they don’t have to capture as it is already given and alerted. It is a kind of load sharing. Currently, in DHIS2 Andriod apps, all the patient’s details have to fill up by health workers and consuming time in data filling instead of health screening/examining. Is there any such apps having two-way interactions instead of one-way.

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Hi @Sangay_Tenzin,

From your description, the Tracker Capture would work best for you. You will, however, need to do the right configuration on your program to achieve this. Check out the link and let me know if it suits you.


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Dear jomutsani,
Thank you for enlightening. Does anyone implemented and using. We are using tracker capture for tracking Child and Mother but details are capturing my health worker in the web as well as App. But require app for the mother to fill their details and populate to health workers, need interaction from both sides.



The DHIS2 Tracker/Event programme functionality was never designed as a system where e.g. the profile data (demography etc) are being populated and maintained by non-health personnel. The typical example would be a system where e.g. basic demography is automatically imported from the population register - assuming that you have a fully functional population register in the country - and where patients can view and/or update a range of parameters (cell numbers, email address, access to their own health records, access to prescriptions, book appointments, etc).

Norway has such a system - I was actually using it on Monday - and it’s far, far, far away from the very basic functionality you find in e.g. the Tracker. See this menu:

The menu is only in Norwegian, but it covers a whole range of my interactions with the health system in Norway:

  • Personal profile
  • my messages
  • my appointments
  • my referrals
  • my prescriptions and information related to medicine use
  • my health personnel contacts
  • my vaccinations (only those after 1994 registered)
  • publicly funded patient travels
  • financial stuff (co-payments etc)
  • crucial health information about myself that health personnel must know in case of emergencies etc
  • organ donor digital card (I can accept that my body parts are recycled after my death)
  • Access to my own patient journals at different health providers
  • My “core” patient journal
  • List of public health registers where I have access to my own data
  • List of clinical trials and other research where I am a participant.

I can log into the system with e.g. my Bank ID (same secure system for login is used by all public and private institutions/companies), and I have extensive control over which parts of my health data can be accessed by whom at what time.

@Sangay_Tenzin, what you describe is a “micro” version of this Norwegian “Health Data” system - but you will be faced with many of the same fundamental issues related to e.g. security, data verification, etc. (in short, you can always ask “If some patients mess things up and somebody gets hurt or dies - who gets the blame / who gets sued?”). For instance, if you use tracker as is, all those patients (TEIs in Tracker) now have to become users - how do you manage them, their access privileges, etc etc?

We have used Tracker in South Africa for something similar but with a defined group: we have used it to handle around 10,000 “health” graduates that every year go out into 1-year mandatory community service (+ the practicals for medical doctors) - and it has required a lot of custom app development, extensive user support, and a lot of back-end scripting and processing.

So while @jomutsani is a good guy, in this case the usual spiel about “Tracker Capture would work best for you …need to do the right configuration” is an invitation to enter a quagmire :woozy_face:

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