Annual Conference - Networking Thread

This thread is for you to network with other conference delegates and panellists.
We’d also love to hear a bit about yourself and how you work with DHIS2!


Hi - I just got a reminder of conference starting tomorrow - I wanted to attend some sessions but the conference site states that attendance is by invitation only - how do I get an invite? Thanks. Mweene

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Hi @mweene there was a period to request invitations and I believe attendance is limited due technical limitations of the zoom events. However each session will be recorded and publicly available on the official YouTube channel.

A playlist with all the videos of the conference can be already found here: DHIS2 Digital Annual Conference 2020 - YouTube

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I guess I’m the first one to present himself in the topic, but someone’s gotta be first!

This is Alexis, a Software Engineer working on open source software for the health sector at EyeSeeTea. I spend most of my time writing react applications in typescript for DHIS2 or designing custom solutions for a wide range of organizations that use DHIS2.

I began working on DHIS2 under a curricular internship at college while finishing the degree at UPC (Polytechnic University of Catalonia). During the year I worked there, we created several tools for the IT team of the neglected tropical diseases group (NTDs) at WHO.

Afterwards I joined full-time the EyeSeeTea team and we build popular tools for DHIS2 such as Metadata Sync, Bulk Load, User Extended App, D2 Docker, D2 API TypeScript connector and many more. We strive to build modern, appealing and robust applications that offer functionalities the core platform does not yet provide.

Even though we are a private company, we strongly believe in the power of open source and all the solutions we create are open for the community to use and reuse. In fact, most of our projects are built in collaboration with multiple partners that use DHIS2 in completely different ways.

If you ever want to talk about a complex problem you are facing, the multiple DHIS2 APIs or custom app/widget/form development feel free to send a message or reach out through social networks!

To finish, I would like to build some hype about our exciting upcoming projects, if you want to know more, stay tuned for the presentations we will hold during the use-case bazaar conference with our partners from the global malaria programme at WHO or just ping me for details.


Hi Mweene

Can we have your email? We will add you as a participant.

Thank you


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Hello everyone! So excited to connect with you all virtually this week and learn about new and familiar use cases, implementations, best practices, challenges, and lessons learned.

I am a DHIS2 Project Coordinator and Project Support Team Lead at University of Oslo. I am the project manager for various HISP UiO projects, including projects on immunization, disease surveillance and malaria elimination, and part of the DHIS2 Community of Practice team.


'where can i join DHIS2 Annual Conference? i don’t see the link of joining

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You can join here:

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Hi everyone, welcome to the Annual Conference! Allow me to introduce myself:

My name is Austin and I help lead frontend engineering for the DHIS2 core team at the University of Oslo. I also manage our developer outreach program and Application Platform product stream (learn more at!).

Looking forward to meeting many of you this week! If you’re interested in customizing DHIS2 with your own web or Android applications, please join the Tech Track sessions which will take place on Wednesday and Thursday.


Hi everyone!

My name is Yury.

I am a DHIS2 implementer at DevOtta AS / University of Oslo.
Lately, I have been focusing on WHO TB modules (TB Case surveillance and Anti-Tuberculosis Drugs Resistance Survey - DRS) as well as COVID packages.

Look forward to connect!


hi alice - my email is: - thanks. mweene

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hi alice - i get a “webinar has expired” message when i click on this link - help ??

Hi @mweene – it looks like you missed the live sessions for today (they ended at 4pm Oslo time), but you can watch the recordings of them on our YouTube channel.

@alice can add you to the conference registration list so that you have the meeting links for the sessions for the rest of the week.

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hi @maxk / @aliceal - i am all sorted - i have just managed to register and pick my sessions - thanks for the support

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Hello! My name is Jaime and I help those who decide to go one step further in the data collection and implement DHIS2 mobile with the Android App. Should you have questions about it do not hesitate to contact me either in English, French or Spanish.