Announcing the self-paced Level 2 Data Quality Academy! (beta launch)

The HISP team at the University of Oslo is pleased to announce the beta launch of the Level 2 Data Quality Academy on our DHIS2 Online Academy platform!

This free online course features presentations by DHIS2 data quality experts (recorded at our live Data Quality Academy in November 2020) that will present you with key data quality concepts and frameworks, as well as tools and techniques that you can use in DHIS2 to help ensure high quality data in your DHIS2 instance.

The video and written material in this course is supplemented with knowledge check questions and exercises that you can complete using custom DHIS2 training databases. These will help you build your data quality skills through hands-on practical exercises, including the use of the DHIS2 Data Quality App and the installation, configuration and use of the WHO Data Quality Tool.

This course is intended for experienced DHIS2 users, such as those who have completed a Level 1 Academy or have equivalent work experience with DHIS2. With successful completion of this course, you will earn a Level 2 Data Quality Academy certificate.

This is the first ever self-paced Level 2 Academy on our DHIS2 Online Academy platform. We are launching in beta version so that we can capture feedback from experienced members of the DHIS2 community, to help us improve the course before we announce it to a wider audience. If you are an experienced DHIS2 user who is interested in Data Quality, we hope that you will register for this course and share your comments with us.

You can learn more and register for this new self-paced Level 2 Data Quality Academy on the DHIS2 Online Academy.


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This is exciting to hear. Looking for to learn more about the Data quality checks, functionalities and the use cases in the course :blush: