Announcing المجتمع العربي - the Arabic Community discussion space

We’re pleased to announce the launch of a new space on the Community of Practice for discussion بالعربية (in Arabic).

The Arabic Community - المجتمع العربي can be found here: المجتمع العربي - Arabic Community - DHIS2 Community

We invite you to join the discussion with Arabic-speaking DHIS2 experts and members of the DHIS2 community!


Thanks @maxk , wonderful. Good to have Arabic Language Community Channel

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Agreed @muhireandrew2020 … excellent to see this discussion space forming. All the best wishes to the Arabic speak colleagues I’ve interacted with over the years. The hospitality you’ve shown has always been outstanding.

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Thank yo Max, I loved the idea.

Great! Thanks @maxk ! I’ll inform all Arabic speaking members of our staff. I think there are many common problems, which can be resolved better and faster together!