Announcing the 2022 Web & Android App Competition

Have you recently developed a DHIS2 application?

We are now welcoming submissions of DHIS2 Apps for the DHIS2 Annual Conference Web & Android App Competition!

The goal this year is to showcase the innovative work developers around the world are doing with DHIS2 for both web and mobile devices, and to highlight how the DHIS2 App Platform and Android SDK makes it easier to develop custom apps using shared tools. Finalists will present their Apps at the Digital Annual Conference!

Background: Fostering Innovation through DHIS2 Common Tools

Recent years have seen an increasing number of DHIS2 applications developed independently by the global DHIS2 community. These apps typically offer features and functionalities that are outside the scope of core DHIS2 applications. Some are generic and could be broadly adopted, while others target specific DHIS2 use cases.

The development of these applications ultimately enhances the DHIS2 experience for the end user and strengthens the DHIS2 platform ecosystem in general. To support this – and especially to make it easier for developers to design their own apps that integrate seamlessly into the DHIS2 core software – we have published toolkits for both Web and Android App development communities:

  • DHIS2 App Platform: Shares a suite of common tools that can be used to develop DHIS2 Web Apps: Read more
  • DHIS2 Android Software Development Kit (SDK): Facilitates the development of Android Apps using DHIS2 as the underlying platform. Read more

The purpose of our competition in 2022 is to showcase innovative DHIS2 Web and Android Apps that make an impact, and to highlight how using these shared tools can make it easier to turn an app idea into a reality.

We invite DHIS2 Web and Android developers from around the world to submit their best work. Members of the DHIS2 Core and Android Development teams will review the submissions and rank them based on the criteria mentioned further below.

Selected finalists will present their app at the DHIS2 Annual Conference closing session where they will give a short presentation, followed by a voting process by all conference participants.

Submission deadline: 7 June

Read more about the criteria and submission process here.