Announcing our NEW digital Tracker Academy for Asia

Dear Community Members

We are excited to announce that registration is now open for a selection of DHIS2 Academies in the last three months of 2021! This includes new Level 1 courses on Tracker for Asia region.

The Level 1 Tracker curriculum now includes two components:

1. Tracker Use

  • Webinar 1: Thursday 21 October: A 2-hour webinar that will include a high-level overview of the different Tracker use cases in the region. You will learn more about the key implementations taking place.
  • Webinar 2: Friday 22 October: A second 2-hour webinar focusing on the DHIS2 Tracker programs and the latest features available in Tracker.
  • Tracker Use Academy: 25 - 29 October: The 5-day DHIS2 Tracker Use Academy where you will learn more on the different methods of capturing Tracker data and the utilization of these methods to enter Tracker data. You will also be able to review tracker data, generate outputs using the in-built analysis tools within DHIS2 and more.

Are you based in Asia? Register here for these 3 events

2. Tracker Configuration

This 10-day Level 1 Academy will be hosted in mid-January. It will focus on the Tracker Data Model, Tracker Capture (Web), Tracker and Android, and analyzing Tracker data. More information will follow in the coming weeks.


Video recording for Webinar 1

Video recording for Webinar 2


Video recordings for day 1:

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Video recordings for day 2:

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Video recordings for day 3:

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Video recordings for day 4:

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Video recordings for day 5: