Announcing DHIS2 for Education Conference + Training in the Gambia

Interested in learning about using DHIS2 in the education sector for school management, enrollment and attendance, resource allocation, and more? Early registration is now open for our DHIS2 for Education Conference and Training in the Gambia from March 23-27, 2020:

We have been working on pilot DHIS2 for Education projects in the Gambia and Uganda since the beginning of 2019, and are now ready to information and experience with other countries and organizations who could benefit from a similar education management solution. More information about DHIS2 for Education is available on our website: DHIS2 for Education - DHIS2


Update! Registration for this DHIS2 for Education Academy is now open.

Check out the Academy website to learn more and sign up to join us in The Gambia!