Android version 2.1.1 stuck loading

Dear community team,
after I upgrade to version 2.1.1. was stuck loading like below:

plz support.

Hello @Channara.

Can you try going to Android Settings > Apps > DHIS2 > Storage and clear the cache?

I did on my bluestacks, but seem still stuck loading…
if I use version 2.0. it works fine.

If you have no data there you can also proceed with clear storage and retry. But please, be aware that if you have unsynced data there it will be lost!

Dear @jaime.bosque,
I do follow clean data App in android setting. but still stuck loading…

Hi @Channara. This is very strange… Last resource I have is kindly asking you to reinstall the application.

To be honest I am not sure how blueStacks works so not sure if might have to do with something related to the emulator.

thank @jaime.bosque,
it still stuck loading for v2.1. but v2.0 is working fine.
and one more thing, some time, after I use v2.0. the program stage of tracker capture seem also stuck… like below image:


Hi @Channara.

For the stuck on v2.1 to v2.0 I am out of clues. Could you share credentials with me via Private Message to check?

For the second issue, I think this is probably due to a problem with your configuration on the Program Rules which usually triggers that kind of behavior. I would advise to review the program rules, also checking on web with the console open to verify if there are errors and the make any changes before retrying in Android.