Android Tracker Entry Form

Dear all Team,
do we possible to hide “Not Now” after entry tracker form?
because even we make program rule, it is still missed value and sync to server. thank you

Hi @Channara . I don’t really understand the use case but if you could describe it well and document it in a JIRA feature request we will discuss for future releases.

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Dear @jaime.bosque ,
Could you guide me how to document on it, while my issue was the missing data on server when entrying, because on android phone has available “Not now”, so client able to press it better than press “Complete” Button.

Hi @Channara .

As this is a feature request you can create a new issue (type feature) in JIRA under the project Android. We usually ask users to fully describe the use case so we can evaluate. The button you are presenting is when you finish the program stage to mark it as complete, which is an optional step and it is not related to sending the information to the server or not.

Is your problem that users are sending information not complete (missing data elements) to the server?

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