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Hi all

This week we have been trying to set up Tracker App on our machines(Linux and Windows Environments) as specified in the documentation, but we have Issues with the code.

Running /* gradlew build / everything builds just fine except with the following error / string too large to encode using UTF-8 written instead as ‘STRING_TOO_LARGE’ ./, Closely inspecting, / gradlew clean build --stacktrace /, the error, we discover that the following classes are flaging that out, in one of the build tasks: / RuleActionHideOptionGroup , RuleActionHideOption */ called in several classes.

All this is happening in the master branch, switching to one of the branches 2.0.0-beta, the same issue is found except with one more added issue in the AndroidManifest.xml (with Content Provider).

Would you please help us on the above issues or advice us on which branches we can switch to for us to move forward. The application is to be used by master students from the University of Oslo, doing their research in Malawi, led by their supervisor Jens.

I hope this finds you well.


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Kindly share the version and build of DHIS2 you are Using. Also the Tomcat version and Postgre

Cc: @dhis2-tracker team.

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Hi @Shukurani,

In order to build the app project the first step would be following these steps.
If you are using the sdk and rule engine submodules instead of the dependencies, make sure to comment and uncomment the correct lines in the app build.gradle.

You can ignore the “STRING_TOO_LARGE” error. The problem with the missing classes is that the rule engine has not been updated yet (it will be ready shortly). You can check the pull request status at the github repository. Once it is accepted everything should build without a problem. In the meantime, you could try using the repo from this pull request or commenting the code where RuleActionHideGroup and RuleActionHideOption are being called.

2.0.0_beta branch is the current development branch. I would not recommend working on it right now as we are refactoring much of the code which make it unstable. But if you want to try make sure to checkout the develop branch for the SDK submodule.

Hope this helps you building the project. Let us know if you need anything else,



Hi @Pablo

All steps you just outlined above where followed before asking for community help:

  • Inside the build.gradle, i commented and un-commented the necessary lines as specified in the documentation.

  • I also commented all lines where RuleActionHideGroup and RuleActionHideOption are being called, while in the master and 2.0.0-beta branches.

But still i got those errors.

I am now trying to build from one of the pull requests with status accepted.

Bear with me, i will keep troubling you, @Pablo and @jomutsani until there is progress.



Hi @jomutsani,

Let me come back to you after trying @Pablo’s solution. Thanks for the interest.


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