Android Tracker Capture app doen not allow complete on hidden mandatory fields

Dear Developers,

We are using the DHIS2 Tracker capture app compatible with v2.27 to conduct a survey. The survey design has some skip logic integrated in the tool and program stage. Most of the questions are mandatory but for example if the person is not available for the assessment, the enumerator selects not assessed and the jump hides the other mandatory fields and then the enumerator is supposed to complete the event. This was tested using the browser and it works perfectly well however when using the app, it hides the fields but does not allow to complete the event and reports that there are missing mandatory fields.

The work around is to flag this and wait for the app to sync and we complete the event from the browser which takes more time.

Kindly advise me if there is a better way i can accomplish this or if it is something that hasn’t been supported yet. Thank you.



Hi @absolom_m ,

Was this issue ever solved?

Hi @minyoi,

You’re replying to a five year old post. I will have to close this topic post, if you are facing the same issue, it would be great if you can please create a new topic post with the description of the issue and the dhis2 version number you are using. It will help a lot if you can provide the steps to reproduce the issue and screenshots from any of the instances. :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Old topic post.