Android- Option sets showing up as if there were color or icon

Have others had this problem with the new release, that certain option sets are showing up as if we had chosen an icon or color, but we did not.

More of a crisis is that it obscures the question/DE/form name. The data collectors can ONLY see the options, not the question. In the example here, it should say “type of follow up” and then the two options given, but they just have to guess what the question is based on the options (which is more problematic for later questions).

If anyone has a fix, please let me know! This is 2.1.2.
PS Also wondering, is it possible to change the size in the app? I have changed the size on the device but it doesn’t seem to affect the DHIS2 app.

Hi @Natalie_Tibbels.

Can you make sure you Program > Section > Rendering is set as listing? Please check this: Home - DHIS2 Documentation and let us know.

Thank you! Testing it now but it worked on my device. However, even the option sets where we wanted icons to show up are obscuring the question, wondering if that’s just my device.
But changing the section rendering fixed the problem, you’re a life-saver!
Example - this should say “sex” and then have the options

Ok, as I’m looking more through the documentation, it looks like the idea is to have a stage for each question, at least for responses where the question may not be clear. The stage name then serves as the question. If I’m understanding Section 8.3 correctly. Home - DHIS2 Documentation