Android - I there a limit to records captured offline?

If we disregard Memory limitations, is there a limitation to how many records a device could store offline when collecting via the mobile app.

500? 1,000? 5000?

From my experience, it can store quite a lot, but could not count. But there is an issue with uploading that data to the server. Users have reported data not being posted but has been captured. But it all depend on the resources on the server side. But I would love to hear from the Android team too.

Hello @chase.freeman .

We have conducted some tests in that regard. It is very difficult to assess considering that the number of TEIs stored in the device and the usability will heavily depend on the hardware specs of the phone (CPU+RAM) and the complexity of the program.

Having said this, here you can find a chart that we produced out of our tests. TST02 is the Test we identified as the most UX critical one (it is the time since the user opens a program and the list of TEIs is displayed). We found that 5k could be near the threshold for those devices as waiting more than 10-15 seconds might be the limit. This was for mid complex program (default Child Program)


If you are expecting to you use map features the number might decrease drastically as displaying the TEIs in the map consumes lot of resources.

The idea out of those tests was to perform some improvements in future versions. If you ever perform something similar please let us know.

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