Android: Error when trying to add a new relationship enrollment "Select a program to begin enrolling"

In the browser I am able to add a new enrollment relationship between two Tracker Programs (TEI to TEI relationship)

In version 2.0 of the Android App I get the message “Select a program to enable enrolling” but there are no options or anything else to choose from–I think this is a bug but also am not sure of how it is supposed to work because it is new.

I am happy to make a ticket in Jira if needed but wanted to check with CoP in case I’m mistaken :slight_smile:

Hi @chase.freeman,

When creating a relationship for an existing TEI, you go the the screen you have attached. This will list all TEI for a specific tracked entity type. If you want to create a new TEI instead of selecting one, you have to change to a program. Click “All munition” on the top of the screen and it will display a list of available programs.

Hi Pablo, I appreciate you reply but had no luck there–it brings me back to the the Main Tracker page of the program’s object I want to add a relationship to (a “Site Report”). So I will record a screen cast later today when I get the time. Like I mentioned, it works in the browser so the config is correct (it seems :thinking:) --Perhaps I am just not understanding the UI.

I’ll share the recording soon!


@Pablo Video here in Jira: [ANDROAPP-2685] - Jira

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