Android error: "there is a configuration issue causing a loop in the rules"

Hi. Im doing and app on android for medical support and when i try to add 2 stages (both are the same), this error appears:

Looking for your response. Thanks!

Hi @aitor_garrido! Thank you for your report. I have a few questions:

Does the program (and stages) work correctly in DHIS2 web? Is the error message displayed in multiple app versions or just the newest one?

Let me know. Thanks

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I am sorry for my late response. This only happens in the android app. The web version of dhis2 works correctly. Android version has the last update, but we tried other version but we got the same error.

Hi @aitor_garrido,

Is it possible that you have a “Hide field” action and an “Assign Value” applied in the same data element? If that is the case, prioritize the hide action in the rule configuration.

Let me know if this helps.

Hi again! It is true I had both action, but in my case I prioritize the “Assign Value”. We are using “Asign Value” to erase data insade the element and then hide it. If we prioritize the hide action as you said, this message appear in the web application:
This does not appear if asiggn value comes first and then hide it. In any case, I am trying this in the android app in order to solve the first problem.

Hi @aitor_garrido

Sorry for the late response.

The message is displayed because the “hide field” action clears the value of the field being hidden, so I think you don’t need the assign rule (if you are assigning a “blank” or something like that).

Let me know if you were able to solve the issue.

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