Android error: Invalid value type for attribute

Hi all,

I have an attribute of text value type with an option set attached to it. When I created the attribute, it was not mandatory, but after I defined it as mandatory in the program configuration. What happens is that when I want to edit or choose a new value from the drop-down list, I get this error: Invalid value type for attribute on android.

On web for the same attribute, I get this error: Failed to update the tracked entity instance in the server. An error occurred, please check import summary.

This error happens for both normal user and admin.

I can’t imagine what is happening.


Hi @dmbantu . I cannot reproduce this behavior on the latest 2.4.1 version. Which version are you using? Can you confirm you get the same behavior on that one? If yes, could you share the program.json or a server access where we could test?

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