Android device selection for rural extension workers

I am deploying community poultry vaccinators in rural areas with devices to register households and record service delivery. I have read the guidance:

but, wondering based on experience of users in field conditions, whether my selection of device is going to be appropriate:
TechnoF1: Tecno F1 - Specifications or
Itel A16Plus: itel A16 Plus - Specifications

Many thanks.

HI @ejkinsey

If you check the chart you will see that the devices you are suggesting are not ideal

I would suggest expending a bit more in devices a bit more capable as if not, depending on your program, uses might find the application buggy or slow.

Also, we always suggest getting a device to perform all the tests before buying the whole set. This should help you in evaluating in the devices does really match your set up because the guides we provide are really broad.


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