Android: Data Capture Update Crashing

Hi All,
Yesterday I updated my android capture application and since then, the app has been crashing. Any other person experiencing this and some possible solutions?


Hi @KMurumba ,
What device, Android version and DHIS2 version are you using?
And when does the app crash?


Hi @Karoline ,
I am using Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace mobile phone running on Android 4.4.4. I am running DHIS2 version 2.29. The app crashes on:

  1. Login
  2. Sync Data Now
  3. Sync Configuration Now
  4. Check sync errors

When I log in to the test environment for 2.29, the app does crash on all of the above-mentioned scenarios too.

Thanks, @KMurumba! Tagging @dhis2-android for follow up.

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Hi @KMurumba,

would it be possible for you to please share testing credentials to and

We will have a look at your problem!

thanks @Karoline for tagging us!


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