Android Data Capture doesnt list the extra-dimension

I have created a user in play(2.32.2) and assigned the data entry clerk role to it, the dataset has an extra-dimension.

its working fine in Web but Android Data Capture doesn’t list the extra-dimension I have assigned to the data-set.

I gave the public access and even included the user in the sharing setting for category option, category and category combination with authority to capture, view and edit them.

but still, it’s not visible in Android Data Capture. Please guide me if I am doing any steps wrong.

here are my credentials in Demo Server:

Username: mujtaba
Password: Omar@123

Dataset: Child Health

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Hi @mujtabaomar, and great to see you here after a while; tagging the @dhis2-android team to support you with this.


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Thanks @jomutsani for the help.You would see me a lot after this. :smiley:

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Hi @mujtabaomar,

Could you tell me the missing extra-dimension? I’m comparing web and app and can’t see any difference.
Thank you!


Thank you @Pablo for the response.

Actually, later on the extra dimension came up. but at first nothing was there, we have tried on multiple phones. Do we have to do some configurations on server side to make it instantly visible or what?

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You don’t need to do anything server side. Saving any changes and syncing again in the app should be enough.