Android Data Capture app not updating DataSet sections

I created a Dataset with initial 5 sections. Later I updated the sections to 18 and added the relevant data elements.

When I load the dataSet in the web Data Entry app, it shows the updated sections along with the forms. But on the Android Data Capture app, it is still showing the old 5 sections. I clear cache, reload the app but the changes is not reflecting.

I deleted the account (which probably deleted the database) and the sections are now showing.

Do I need to always delete the account and login again the the instance url to see changes in the app?

Hello, @jetisco4u .

Whenever you perform a change in the server you need to make sure you perform a Metadata synchronization on the phone. The phone will eventually do it by default according to your settings, but you can always force it manually in the menu.

I actually did this but didn’t see any change until I delete the account. On a second look, if I want it to reflect immediately, am I supposed to select manual?

If I click the SYNC CONFIGURATION NOW button and there seems to be nothing happening, does it mean there is nothing to sync?

Uhmmm, that seems like there was a problem, if you can reproduce it please report it as a bug.

Manually means that there will be no automatic syncing but you can walsy click on “Sync now” to retrieve the latest metadata from the server. If you cick you should always see the notification bar on the upper part of the phone performing the sync.

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