Android capture app v2.1: I think there is an issue with the dataset table appearance and alignment in Arabic RTL interface, can't easily enter the data

In the Arabic interface, the dataset table does not appear correctly aligned with the screen like what it supposed to be, and data elements categories columns titles of the first table are hidden, and I can’t move the cells normally to enter the data.

Dataset table in the English interface correctly displayed

Dataset table in the Arabic interface RTL: (in the training app rows titles are hidden and in the app, I could manage to show rows titles by resizing them but unlike the training app the columns headers of the first table stay hidden)

Hi @hamza,
Sorry for that, we had already identified the problem and working on a fix. You can follow up the issue in this jira ticket.

Thank you!

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Thanks @hamza.

We have also detected another issue thanks to your report. Have you considered submitting these issues directly to ?

You could follow the guide here:


thank you @Pablo and @jaime.bosque for your quick replay, We really need this issue to be fixed, I voted on the issue on Jira, most of our workers will be using the app RTL interface and we have a number of datasets that their appearance is affected. hope it gets fixed in the next version.