Android capture app interface translation into Arabic

Hi everyone,
We use dhis2 v2.33. In the organization I currently work for we plan to have many people start working on the android capture app but most of them prefer to use the app in Arabic, Although the Arabic translation of the app is almost completed in the translation portal, it still not loads into the app interface, I wonder if we could easily load the Arabic translation of the interface. Next month we’ll start to train the users on the app, and it will be hard for most of them to be trained or work on the English version

Hi everyone, still trying to understand its operations

Hi @hamza, we have just added the current transifex translations to the android app. We will be updating translations until Friday.
They will be available with the next release of the app.

Thank you for your replay @Pablo, does the new translations of the app will be added or they need to be reviewd first, because recently I translated most of the untranslated words in the app at transifex. I hope they get reviewed and added in the new version.

@hamza, yes they will be added. We have been updating the source file with new texts to translate. We will accept translation until Friday.
About the review of translations, we do not have official reviewers. If there are several translators they can also check and review. If there is only one translator for a language, I guess it is fine to mark them as reviewed if that language is her/his mothertongue :slight_smile:. @marta Is that right?

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Hi @hamza,
we are facing a problem to enter and save new events only if they are completed with the Arabic Interface language in the new web Capture app (right to left layout).
Do you have the same problem?
I explained it with more details in the Jira issue

yes, I also have the issue. I didn’t realize I had the issue until after you told me because usually, I use the English version. However, it looks like they already working on it, I hope it gets fixed. Actually currently the android version is becoming heavily used in the organization I work for. does the issue exist also in the android version.