Android Capture app freezes on the time I press add button to add new TEI

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I am experiencing the issue of Android data capture app of not responding when searching before capturing TEI, I Think it is caused by the fact that I have many Org units(almost twenty thousands of org units) is there any way I can disable search before capture in android app? or is there any other option that I can use to optimize data capture app to speed up search before TEI capture?



Hello @Pacifique_Hategekima

Can you please explain with more details what do you mean by not responding? Does it keeps loading of the full app freezes?

I guess you have those ~20.000 OU in the search scope of the user. Is that really needed? Usually we recommend to have users with limited capture scope (even though the search can be bigger). In any case, the search response should be limited by the peformance of the server, a request is sent to the server when nothing is found locally and the results are displayed as soon as they are available.

There is no way to disable search before capture as this is a feature to avoid duplicates. And because you are asking for this I am guess (can be wrong) that the capture OU might be to big for your user?



Thanks @jaime.bosque for the quick response, actually the problem that I am facing is not linked to search, the app freezes on the time I press add button to add new TEI(pressing + icon), on the time I press it I wait for some minutes, and sometimes the app closes itself automatically, means that loading Org units to enroll new TEI takes long and sometimes never come,

I hope you can understand what I mean

the full app freezes

both training app and prod app have the same issues

I mark This as solution because the proposed solution inside the question you asked me was to decrease the number of search scope, after creating new user with minimal search scope the problem was fully resolved.

Thanks @jaime.bosque

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