Android Capture app/Datasets: Data elements not showing values


I have created a data set and have category option combos attached to the data elements

Data (January 2021, December 2020, November 2020) has been entered in a dataset on android tablets and synchronized with the server.

Although I can view the data synched with the server on the Data Entry Application, data elements are not showing values in the pivot table. I replicated it on demo.

I ran analytics and cleared cache several times, there is no change.


Hi @hernandezmachava,
Try these two options:
1 - export data to data mart, because any analysis tools in DHIS2 reads aggregated data from data mart tables. A data mart is a data store optimized for meeting the most common user requests for data analysis.

2 - Make sure your values type for each Data elements allows you to aggregate data and do not select any options in the Aggregation levels.

Let us know if this works.