Android Capture app 2.4 (DHIS2 v2.35) - program rule showing option group does not work


I have a simple program rule to show an option group of South African provinces from a list of provinces, when the org unit selected is part of an org unit group of South Africa OUs.

Program rule expression:
d2:inOrgUnitGroup(‘REA- ZA OUs’)

Program rule action:

This works fine through the browser:

But on the Android Capture app 2.4 the options list is not populated - it is completely blank. However, users who are using an older version of the Android Capture app, for example 2.3, do not have this issue.

Any advice and suggestions much appreciated!



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Hi @monika . Sorry to hear that. I am afraid you might be suffering from this bug: which has been identified and fixed. We are expecting to release a new version 2.4.2 with that fix as soon as possible.

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Hi @jaime.bosque - noted, thanks for sharing the JIRA ticket! I’ll follow this as well :slight_smile:

Hi @jaime.bosque , Iam facing the same issue. Our program rule with d2UnitGroup is not working. Any workarounds for this?
DHIS2 Version 2.33.8
Android 2.4.1

Hi @asacur , can you please fully describe your Program Rule?

Hi @jaime.bosque, thanks for your quick response. The problem has already been overcome, I tested it with the wrong version, 2.4.1.

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