Android capture and integrations with mainstream/National dhis2 Database

Hello dhis2 World,

I need guidance on whether there is a demo version of the android capture platform and possibilities of integrating private player android users.

Thanks a batch

Hi @Arinda

I don’t understand really well your question. You can download the Android App from the Google Play store or directly from Github. Follow the links in the latest release’s post: DHIS2 Android Capture App patch release 2.2.2 is now available

From there you could connect to the play servers, they are embedded in the App.

What do you mean by private players?

Hi @Jaime,

My query is about the ease with which other mhealth community android applications can be integrated within the mainstream dhis2 database and dhis2 android capture app.


Dear @Arinda

Can you share more about your use and at what stage you want to integrate the app.
At app design or data values level?

Dear Prosper,

Our interest would be to integrate at data values, more of reporting on community health indicators represented in the HMIS 097b forms.

Thank you

I am moving this post then to the specific section where you might be able to receive more feedback from other users in the Community.

Thanks alot,