Android App translated to Arabic, feedback welcome

Hello dear Arabic Community,

As you know last week we published the Android App 2.1 which was translated to several languages, including Arabic, thanks to the contributions on Transifex.

We heavily test the applciation before each release even for RTL set-up. However we sometimes miss something so, we would like to ask for your feedback in terms of:

  • Translations (contirbute directly on Transifex)
  • RTL display errors in the application (report them directly on JIRA to save some time)

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:


Hello Jaime

I will try to check the Arabic translation.
Thank you

It’s actully great, but If we want to enhance some of the translations more what is the workflow because I realized that some of the strings could be enhanced more after viewing directly in the app contrary to when we translated just directly on transfix. can we enhance it more so it gets better and better in each version because I see after approving the translation on transfix only suggestions can be made, who then approves this suggestions.

Hi @hamza. Of course you can keep translating so it enhances more and more with every version. Actually that would be great!

One tip while translating and have a better clue of what the string is referring to is checking the key in the Transifex box. Although not much information there it might help (see the image below)

I will check regarding to unmarking the translations and come back to you. Thanks!

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Thank you @jaime.bosque

Dear @hamza. We have made you a reviewer on Transifex for Arabic so as from now you should be able to modify approved translations. Thanks a lot for your work on this! :slight_smile:

Before every release we will mark all as reviewed (if any missing) and will include them in the App.

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Thank you very much, I will do my best to improve the Arabic translation.


I have recently changed some of the strings and enhanced their meaning based on the context, I hope the language data gets imported in the upcoming versions of the APP. Thank you all.