Android App - Sms sync failed

Hi @marta and team,
Can you please help me understand what can be the issue.
I am trying to test sms sync on one of our instances (of course running on 2.33), the sms sync is failing. I check the sharing / datasets and roles of the used user, sms setting configuration and everything seems to be fine. We tested it on different phones in vain.
Please It is possible to share with you credentials so you check your side too ?


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Hi @Sakibou.

Are you using the SMS gateway straight from DHIS2 or you are using the SMS gateway App (GitHub - dhis2/dhis2-sms-android-gateway: Android DHIS 2 gateway app for testing the SMS functionality)?

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I am using the SMS gateway App.
The fact is the process failed before ask the question " if you want to send a sms ".

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Have you followed the instructions here: GitHub - dhis2/dhis2-sms-android-gateway: Android DHIS 2 gateway app for testing the SMS functionality ?

You need to make sure you set the proper phone number in the Gateway and you enable the SMS submission.

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All of these configurations was done.

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Hi @Sakibou,

Can you check in the app settings if the sms gateway number has the right format (starts with the +XX country code)? If so, try disabling the SMS module and enable it again. You should see a message saying the app is downloading some data, and then it will also show when it has finished. Make sure to have an internet connection to do these steps.

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Hi @Sakibou

After a long troubleshooting we came out with the conclusion that this is not really a problem with the App but a combination of your server and the SMS library.

I logged in the server you provided and set up a new SMS dataset and, indeed, it was failing while sending the SMS with a message Failed .

Checking the Android logs it seems that the SMS library is crashing due to a problem with the UID of one DataEelement:;Nb

As you can see, that DataElement has a wrong ID, which also crashes in the DHIS App:

I think this can be solved by deleting that DataElement or modifying it directly in the DB (which I think is what caused the issue in the first place).

Anyway, I am going to report this issue on JIRA so the SMS library throws a better error and users can understand what is going on.

Hope this helps!

P.S → Please note that I created some trash on your server, please discard those changes


Hi @Jaime and team
Thank you for this troubleshooting. we really appreciate it.
We will fix this database issues, try the app again and get back to you


Thanks Team,
It is work.