Android App, Request some features, choosing language before logging in regardless of the system language and other features regarding App settings

Hi everyone,

1- I wonder if it is possible to make a way for choosing language before logging-in regardless of the system language because we have users their systems are only English but they want to use another language for the App’s interface.

2- Is it possible to make us able to import/export App settings using QR after configuring them to the right configuration.

3- I wonder -I know it’s less secure- whether you make it possible to log-in using QR, so encoding the server URL along with the username and password into a QR, and then giving each user his login QR code, :warning: :warning:I know it’s not a secure way :warning: :warning:, but it’s the administrator choice with a warning, sometimes there are use cases that are less stringent regarding security, or maybe we can enforce the user to change the password directly after logging and if this is possible it would be better to make it possible to export 1, 2 and 3 in one QR, I mean interface language settings, App settings and log-in settings.

Finally, I want to thank all DHIS2 active team for making our work better and easier with each version.

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Hello Hamza,

many thanks for your questions and suggestions. Please find my answers below:

1 - It is a very good point and we were already thinking of changing the approach to languages. Please follow this Jira issue and add comments if you wish.

2 - Unfortunately, It is currently not possible, but you can configure the settings centrally with the Android Settings Webapp. Would that solve your case? You can find info about the app here.

3 - As you pointed out… there are security implications for this approach. I would suggest you to write a Jira issue, explaining your use case. But, to be honest, I don’t think we will be able to put the password in the QR. The user sounds good though.

Please let us know if we answered your questions.

Again many thanks for your continuous contributions in the community and congratulations on your great job!


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