Android app login server error (programRules)

I do have a different scenario:
I am trying to log in the android app, with DHIS2 instance running 3.37.1 and It takes a while trying to log in and after like 15 minutes I get this error:

Cause: The server could not complete this request.
Exception: com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.JsonMappingException: unexpected end of stream (through reference chain:[“programRules”]->java.util.ArrayList[16]->$$AutoValue_ProgramRule$Builder[“programRuleActions”]->java.util.ArrayList[1163])
Created: Mon Dec 13 18:31:08 GMT+02:00 2021
Error component: Server

what could be the issue?

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Hi all,

after looking at the server configuration, we realized that the issue was caused by the program rules: the payload size was about 30MB, which might cause timeouts and memory issues in some cases. This large payload size was due to a long number of actions, which apparently could be optimized. Jean Paul, please try this in first place and let us know how it goes.