Android App incorrect mandatory fields validation

Hi Team,

I am having issues with a tracker program on the mobile app that keeps on giving a mandatory fields validation error on certain attributes even though there’s data captured against those fields. This issue is not replicated on web and we have not had this issue before on the mobile app the program has been running for over 2 months now.

As a workaround I unchecked the attributes as mandatory on the program then it saved, but it further gives problems where no stages are available of which cannot be right as the sharing on the program configuration has been done correctly users have been using this app to capture data with no issues up until this week.

We have restored a back up from last month for further testing and the problem still persist which is alarming considering I have done a number of Android Capture training sessions last month with no issues.

My instance details are as follows:

Build revision
Build date
April 8, 2020, 09:44

Android version:2.1.1

I have also tested this issue with @nancyesp and she has replicated the problem , we checked the configuration and nothing seems out of place.

Could I please get assistance on what might the cause of this problem since I cannot replicate this issue on Web with the same login credentials.



Hi @lusandan

I would like to check if there is indeed a bug or a misconfiguration on the server side. I am also checking with @nancyesp to get more information about it. Any chance you could share credentials with me via Private Message so I can check?

Hi Jammie,

I just came across a patch release from the current war fie we are using with a number of bug fixes related to Tracker.

We busy doing the upgrade will revert back hoping the upgrade will resolve the issue.



Hi Jammie,

We have upgraded to the new patch release and still no luck.

I replicated a users role for you to further test:
UN: Jammie_Test
PW: Jammie@123


Hi @lusandan.

I am not able to login with the credentials provided, can you double check and let me know?


Hi Jaimie,

Thanks for following up , I was able to identify a problem to be related to program rules. I rectified those program rules that were causing the problem and the program is now rendering properly on the app.



Perfect, thanks!

Hi @lusandan
Can you share more about what the problem is for program rules? We have the exact same situation for just one of our tracker programs, where on the browser it works well but on the app it says “mandatory fields missing” for tracked entity attributes, where a value has been selected. This is happening with TE attributes and none of our program rules relate to attributes, but the situation is so similar that I am wondering if our problem also relates to program rules.

Version: 2.34.1
Build revision: 6024645