Android analytics - "visualization is not well configured"

Hi community,
I am trying to configure analytics on android and have set the necessary android settings using the web app for both home and program. I added a user that visualises the analytics but the charts/graphs still dont show on android. It returns the error “This visualization is not well configured, please contact your admin”

Could anyone have had a similar experience? What could be the solution?


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Hi @bridget

Welcome back to the community…

This error might be because the “[analytics] to be displayed require to be configured using the Android Settings WebApp where administrators will be able to decide the charts and tables to be displayed for end users.” Please read more here: Visual configurations - DHIS2 Documentation

To configure analytics open the Android Settings WebApp on your DHIS2 server and follow the steps below:

  1. Select Home, Program or Data set from the Analytics menu
  2. Click on the “Add Visualization” button
  3. Search by typing the name of the visualization and select it by clicking on it
  4. Add an alternative title, otherwise, the app will display the name of the visualization
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Hi @bridget,

there are several reasons why the visualization cannot be shown. Usually, the android app shows a meaningful message, but in some cases the message is generic and gives no clue about the actual error.

Could I have some testing credentials to check it out? If so, please send me a direct message