Analyzing data with relationships

Hi DHIS2 team,
There is need for a feature to analyse data from different programs in a single report. This is more relevant for cases where relationships are used.
E.g. When a mother enrolled into an ANC program is related to a child in a child program, you would want to generate a report comparing the two programs in order to know which child belongs to which mother.


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HI @bridget,

Thanks for this suggestion. We are working on it, and hope to have it in the 2.32 release. You can follow dhis2-2461 to monitor our progress.



Hi @Scott,

I am using DHIS 2.34.4

I wish to create 2 programs - Household and Beneficiary using 2 different tracked entity types: Household and Beneficiary respectively. I have the following questions regarding relationships and analytics:

  1. To establish a relationship between Household and Beneficiary, do I have to create two relationship types as shown in demo between mother and child: Mother-Child_a-to-b_(Person-Person) and Mother-Child_b-to-a_(Person-Person)?

a) Why two relationship types and not one. I am bit confused.
b) To link data between Household and beneficiary, I would like to have Household ID as a foreign key in beneficiary. How can I configure this?

  1. When it comes to analytics, will it be possible in the above DHIS 2 version to view all the Beneficiaries in a particular household in a single report?