Analytics tables fail to generate on 2.20

Hi DHIS team,

I’m stuck on an issue with 2.20. Since upgrading from 2.18 to 2.20, the analytics tables have failed to generate.

There are some records in the analytics_2015 table, but not as many as there should be (roughly 2000 instead of the 19000 we had in 2.18). Pivot tables have no data. The analytics_2014, analytics _2013, etc. tables are empty, even though we do have data for those years. It seems like the analytics tables are failing to generate partway through.

I have tried running maintenance, restarting Tomcat, and re-running analytics. There is no error in the catalina.out log (attached). Any ideas?



Postgres log:

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postgres9.3-main.log (1.97 KB)

catalina.out.txt (32.4 KB)