analytics issue fixed - upgrade recommended


we have recently fixed an issue with analytics which could lead to the analytics API returning the an unexpected organisation unit in the response.

This issue affects you if all of these conditions apply:

  • there is an server-side cache proxy being configured (e.g. nginx)

  • you have caching enabled under settings > cache strategy

  • you have analytics favorites (pivots, charts, etc) set up using the “user organisation unit” option for organisation unit selection.

If so you we recommend that you upgrade your WAR file. New builds are ready on for 2.20 → 2.23.

If you are using “real-time analytics” or don’t know what a server-side cache is you can disregard this.




Lars Helge Øverland

Lead developer, DHIS 2

University of Oslo

Skype: larshelgeoverland