Analytics dimension restrictions

There are some accounts in our instance that have some dimensions restrictions for data analysis, and they are unable to pull reports in event reports app.
I moved the dimensions from the selected restrictions to the available restrictions ,but when I edit that account again i find the dimensions have gone back to Selected dimension restrictions for data analytics.

Anyone ever came across this? We had this after an upgrade to 2.38.

Welcome back @feh :tada: (:

Please did you try to clear the browser cache? It might be a good idea to test using Guest mode in your browser. :+1:

Hi @feh

Any chance you could quickly record this behaviour of the restrictions resetting after you remove them?

After you remove them, are you saving the account again?

Likely the problem in the first instance may have to do with sharing; if the dimension restrictions are not shared correctly and you apply them to a user they will not see the data they are supposed to.


Hello @Gassim , @feh is my colleague. I am a server admin. When I check logs I cant find anything suspicious.

This is all that happens in a server.

This is a link to an old issue that could be potencially related


This issue is also happening in

Just created a ticket in Jira [DHIS2-14870] - Jira