Analytics Configuration Options are Grayed Out In Android Setting App

Hi! there,

I have created bunch of visualizations to configure using Android Setting App. But under Analytics, all options are disabled/grayed out for me.

Could you guide what need to be done to enable the options



What version of DHIS2 are you using and what is the version of the Android Settings app, please? Please confirm that you have at least one visualization that is shared with the user and in the Organization Unit the OUs that are selected are either (‘User organisation unit’, ‘User sub-units’, or ‘User sub-2x-units’ - the ones in the screenshot below):

If it is so that you have at least one visualization with the settings I mentioned and still can’t click on the button ‘Add Home Visualization’. Then we need to debug this more, please open the Network tab and the console in the DevTools of your browser (F12) before you click on Analytics - Home and if there are any errors after you click on Home, please take a screenshot of each error and share it here.


Hi @RKJ,

as Gassim said, please share the versions you are using so we can identify the issue. My first guess could be that DHIS2 version is below v40 and the user hasn’t the ALL authority (check the red warning box in the docs here).