Analytics and data mart tables management ERROR


Still continuing this analytic and data mart problem. Still I could not solve. Please look it…

I am doing customization of DHIS2 for chest clinic on Tracker. Personal data and manual aggregation are running well. But Report getting exceptional **- Process failed: Exception during execution.

catalina.txt (22.8 KB)




Please Help me to SOLVE this problem.

OS - Windows 7
DHIS2 version -2.15
build version- 15143

MySQL, Tomcat

Database Name : edid20nov

‘2014-01-01’ and psi.executiondate
<= ‘2014-12-31’ and pr.programid=2 and psi.organisationunitid is not null and p
si.executiondate is not null]; nested exception is com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdb
c4.MySQLSyntaxErrorException: Table ‘edit20nov.analytics_event_temp_2014_o4umb2r
’ doesn’t exist

I have gone through all steps as below,
update resource tables
data administration >> resource tables

then generate report tables.

CHECKed data mart table update

Data Mart

also, under general settings, set no cache.

also under Data Administration >> Maintenance check all these and press Perform maintenance,


Thank you