Analytic and Data mart error

Dear all,

The following steps is what I used to solve the problem but I don’t know how to do it on lower versions like 2.12 or 2.11 or etc. but I am sure the steps are the same.

But on version 2.13:

The steps is as follows

Maintenance > Data Administration > Maintenance > click on select all and perform maintenance

Once the maintenance is completed when I return to “Analytic and Data Mart” I can now changed the aggregation period update.

Thanks all for your support.

Data Mart.tiff (129 KB)


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Hi Gerald,

Make sure the box next to the "Data mart tables update” is checked. See the attachment.

Also note that for 2.13, aggregation is no longer based on the data mart tables but on the Analytics tables which process aggregation on the fly. In essence, you don’t need to run the data mart anymore.

Best regards,


On 8 Jan 2014, at 16:01, Gerald Thomas wrote:

Dear Support,

I am trying to run data mart on one of our regional servers but when i

Analytic and Data mart > And check the “Data mart tables update”; the
aggregation period types are not highlighted(meaning i can’t specify my
date). I had already changed the . wars; change to the 2.13 version but
the error is still the same.
Please can anyone help. It is your urgent because they cannot aggregate
data for this server.
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