An unexpected error happened during maintenance


I get the following error An unexpected error happened during maintenance when I update the category option combinations in the maintenance.

I have been trying this for three days and no success.

Hi @dmbantu – could you share more information about this error with us? Please let us know what version of DHIS2 you are using, and share an image of any error logs if possible.

Hi @maxk

I have created a category named nome do paralegal as an attribute type and a category option for each paralegal. I defined a category combination that contains the single category nome do paralegal and I assigned it to dataset. When I tested, everything worked well. The problem started when I added new category options to category nome do paralegal and tested again. This time I got the following error: Attribute option combo does not exist for given category combo and category options. The encircled name is one of the new added category options.

After getting this error I tried going to data admin > maintenance > update category option combinations > perform maintenance. It took some time to load and displayed the error below:

Hi @dmbantu,

Can you let us know which version of DHIS2 you are on?

The reason this is important to know is because a bug regarding the update of category option combinations was fixed in the following DHIS2 versions: 2.34, 2.33.1, 2.31.7, 2.32.4 (See

So if you are on earlier patch versions then this, it might be the reason you are facing this.

Hope that helps!

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Hi @Karoline

Iam on version 2.31.6.

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Hi @dmbantu,

So most likely this issue will be fixed if you upgrade to a newer patch verison of 2.31 than 2.31.6, since it has been fixed from 2.31.7. Are you able to do that and check?


I have Version 2.31.8 and having the same issue.