An Program Indicator that Counts Org Units Assigned to Program

We would like to create a program indicator that calculates the reporting rate for an event program. So the denominator here would be all of the org units assigned to that program regardless if they have event data or not. We are using 2.34 and I see that there is a variable called Organization Unit Count V{org_unit_count}, but that doesn’t seem to work. In the documentation it says that:

The count of organisation units (useful in combination with filters). Aggregation type for the program indicator must be COUNT.

it seems that this variable is for counting org units that meet some criteria with the event data, like Number of organisation units with ongoing arv treatment does on

Has anyone else needed to do something similar? Am I even going about this the right way?

Following, also interested in this!

Yes this is correct - the “org unit count” variable works as a “distinct” clause for those who know SQL.

With an example from a simple event type indicator that uses the org unit count variable it works like this:

  1. Events to evaluate is selected based on period, org unit and the program indicator filter.
  2. Among all the events that match the criteria in 1. - the number of distinct org units is counted.

If you wanted a denominator like you describe, the org unit count does not seem like it will solve your problem. In fact I cannot think of any way in analytics to access the number of org units that a given program is assigned to. Perhaps you can create a jira ticket describing the use case?

I think the denominator has to somehow be maintained in an aggregate data element to solve your use case, and your indicator would have to use this data as the denominator.


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Hello, i don’t know if anyone has found a better solution but we implemented a work around that.

  1. Created a data set and assigned to all orgUnits implementing the program
  2. Configured an indicator with the numerator, “Expected reports”, denominator and factor equal to 1.

The indicator will return the number of orgUnits then you can use for different applications.

Hope this can help

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