An error occurred in the DHIS2 Maps application - 2.36.11(10)

Dear All,
Has anyone else seen this error when using some of the existing DB’s,
An error occurred in the DHIS2 Maps application.

After checking the console, I see the following.

I have seen an existing Jira on the error but looks no one has attended to it.

I am still working on work arounds but if you have found something, let me know.


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Hi @moses_mwale

Thank you! I am following up on this issue. I will let you know when I get a response about it.

Remember to click watch/vote in the Jira issue to prioritize it: [DHIS2-11885] - Jira


Thank You @Gassim let me do what you have advised

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Dear All,

We were able to debug the error with @Bjorn_Sandvik. The solution for this error incase anyone comes across it. The Maps table had Null on the “created” and “lastupdated” columns.

seems that the crash originated in the OpenFileDialog:


It triggers a request to load saved maps - and some of these maps are missing the required “lastUpdated” and “created” fields:

We added the dates and everything was working perfectly fine. For more information, you may refer to this Jira.