Am having trouble installing the BIF app into my dhis2


So am trying to install the BIF. My dhis2 is hosted locally but each time I try to upload the zipped file into the App management. I get this error message: “Failed to install app: Unable to create parent directories of C:\DHIS2\files\apps\bao-import-foundry-bif_1.3.1 (2)\app.js-ae382551-bcd4-4bc6-a5a4-f30ca86e9319”

Kindly advise

Welcome to the community!

I can find it in the App Hub, why do you need to use the ZIP file? :slight_smile:

it looks like it is only compatible with DHIS2 2.28–2.35.

I tried installing it on one of the laptops and it’s not completely closed. All looks great… :slight_smile:

What version of DHIS2 are you using?